1170-1200 Hancock Street Development


The proposed mixed-use project at 1170 and 1200 Hancock Street will provide new retail and a modern living experience in Quincy Center, creating a new destination for current residents and newcomers alike. New retail at 1200 Hancock Street and an upscale restaurant inside the historic Masonic Temple will anchor the northern end of the Square, activating the street front and expanding upon Quincy’s renaissance, while landscaping and lighting improvements will create a safer, more attractive space for both pedestrians and drivers.  



1170 Hancock Street

  • New restaurant concept on the ground level
  • New residential space with 66 apartment units
  • Adjacent surface parking spots
  • Transit-oriented project, situated adjacent to MBTA Quincy Center Red Line stop
  • Lighting and landscaping improvements 

1200 Hancock Street

  • 135 residential apartment units
  • 3700 SF of retail space along Hancock Street
  • 234 parking spaces
  • Transit-oriented project, situated adjacent to MBTA Quincy Center Red Line stop
  • Lighting and landscaping improvements



question & answer

Q: Will you restore the historic Masonic Temple?

A: Yes, the project will renovate the iconic two-story Masonic Temple with a new restaurant operator taking over the ground floor of the building.

Q: Will residential apartments be located inside the Masonic Temple?

A: No, there will be no units inside the existing building. There will be a new six-story addition, with 66 units located over the area of the building that was destroyed by the fire.

Q: What is the plan for parking?

A: Parking for the project will be satisfied by surface parking adjacent to the Masonic Temple site and a garage located at the 1200 Hancock Street site.

Q: How many apartments will be built?

A: We’ve proposed 66 apartment units at the 1170 Hancock (Masonic) site and 135 units at the 1200 Hancock site.

Q: How tall will the buildings be?

A: Both residential buildings will be 6 stories tall. The project meets the requirements of the zoning code which allows for ten-story buildings at both sites.

Q: What kind of retail options will be coming to 1200 Hancock?

A: There will be 2 new retail spaces along Hancock Street. Please fill out our survey below to send feedback on what you’d like to see.

Q: What are the next steps in this process?

A: We anticipate that there will be a Planning Board hearing held in early 2021. In the meantime, we are holding neighborhood briefings and will keep the website up to date with the latest project information.

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