A Bright Future

Quincy is a historic city in the midst of a transformative modernization. This “City of Presidents” has been home to founding fathers John Adams and John Hancock, entertainers Ruth Gordon and Dropkick Murphys, and athletes Joe Dudek and Pete Varney.

As Quincy approaches its 400th birthday, a revitalization is underway in the “downtown of the South Shore.” 10+ years of master planning and redevelopment efforts have lead to the momentum in Quincy Center.

It starts at the street level

hancock street revival

Hancock Street was the commercial Main Street of Quincy and the South Shore as a whole for centuries. As malls and retail moved closer to the highways, Quincy Center faced an economic slump. Hancock Street is seeing improvement, and we are seeking to restore the former vibrance of Ross Way by creating a friendly, walkable, bikeable road parallel to Hancock Street. With wide sidewalks flanked by retail on both sides, the street will be designed to favor pedestrians over cars.