We value our relationship with our tenants, and believe this relationship is truly important now more than ever, as we successfully work together through the unique challenges this pandemic has created. The FoxRock Properties team has worked to put together a “Re-entry Plan” to help keep our tenants safe and healthy as they return to their offices in the coming weeks.

Reset. Rethink. Reconnect.


Providing a healthy and safe work environment for our tenants and visitors is our top priority. Transparent and continuous communication is crucial for implementing a cohesive Re-Occupancy Plan for each building; that minimizes risk and maximizes safety for your workforce.


The impact the pandemic has had on businesses, has been felt throughout our portfolio. This has allowed us the chance to evaluate traditional building operations and re-align services to fit tenant’s changing needs. We are excited to bring new technologies and improvements to the portfolio to support these changes.


We value our tenant community and embrace the chance to strengthen relationships by working together, and evolving into a new normal. The Re-Occupancy Plan has been built with guidance from state ordinances and CDC recommendations, incorporating feedback from our tenants and collaborating on best practices for each building.


As we continue to learn more information in the coming weeks and months from the State and local authorities, we will reconnect on changes to the initial Re-Occupancy Plan, and continue to work together for positive long term results.

FoxRock Properties “Re-Entry Plan”

Watch our webinar below, as Director of Property Management, Megan Calabrese, walks through the FoxRock Re-entry plan and answers tenant questions. If you would like to download a copy of the presentation, click here.